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BlueJeans: 5 Ideas for Immersive Virtual Events for Your Audience

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Friends in virtual toast event

Getting and keeping your audience engaged is always a challenge when hosting a virtual event, whether it's for teamwork, networking, or not working at all. You want to create an experience that captures the audience's attention, emotionally connects with them, and inspires them in some way. That's where immersive virtual events come in, and we've got a few suggestions to assist your company arrange an unforgettable online event.

You’ll learn about:

• Virtual Music Performances

• Virtual Escape Rooms

• Interactive Magic Shows

• Virtual Cocktail Hours

• Improv Comedy Performances

What is an Immersive Virtual Event?

Immersive virtual events are online events in which the audience is entirely engaged in the experience. Attendees of immersive virtual events frequently form emotional connections with the information, making them feel more engaged and present in the moment.

Unique Immersive Virtual Event Ideas

1. Virtual Music Performances

People are drawn to live music because it is immediately engaging, and you can reproduce this experience remotely with an artist who fits your event's style. For example, businesses looking for a relaxed, entertaining, and immersive experience have turned to freestyle rapper Harry Mack. He's known for asking audience members for only a few words and then building a full show around them.

If rapping isn't your thing, feature your favourite local musicians instead. This is especially intriguing when you want to spotlight local music, and it's an exciting way to get your audience involved in the fun.

2. Virtual Escape Rooms

You may have tried an escape room before, but have you ever tried one online? It's probably one of the best ways to immerse your audience in a fun, participatory event, regardless of where they come from.

Here's how it works: After forming teams within your party, each team works together to answer riddles and accomplish puzzles in order to be the first to "leave the chamber." Breakout rooms can be used to replicate escape rooms when doing this event virtually.

3. Interactive Magic Shows

Magic shows are not only for children. Virtual magic shows, in fact, are becoming increasingly popular as interactive online events for businesses of all sizes. This is because the audience is not just watching but also participating in the show. Magicians understand that virtual events must be more engaging for an online audience, so they've devised a variety of methods for involving and entertaining attendees. If you don't trust me, do it for yourself and see what happens.

4. Virtual Cocktail Hours

Take your happy hour to the next level with a virtual cocktail class. Attendees will learn how to make amazing cocktails at home, whether the event is led by a member of your team or an outside company. Make sure to send any ingredients and materials to your attendees well ahead of time to make this event immersive and interesting.

5. Improv Comedy Performance

Choose improv comedy to provide your audience with the ultimate online experience. There are many virtual comedy groups these days, and you can easily engage your audience in the act. To make it more unique and memorable, some comedy teams may even ask for details about your event or from your attendees ahead of time.

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