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MAXHUB Boardroom Solutions are meticulously crafted to revolutionise your meeting and presentation experience. Our advanced technology is designed to enhance collaboration and interaction, whether you're leading critical board meetings, strategising with your team, or delivering impactful presentations. MAXHUB's innovative technology ensures a seamless and efficient experience, setting a new standard for boardroom interactions.

With state-of-the-art display systems and cutting-edge interactive features, MAXHUB delivers exceptional clarity, vibrant colours, and an immersive visual experience. The intuitive touch technology enables effortless interaction, allowing real-time annotations, seamless file sharing, and dynamic content manipulation.


MAXHUB Boardroom Solutions are engineered to streamline communication and decision-making. The versatility in connectivity options allows for easy integration of multiple devices, creating an interconnected meeting environment. This facilitates smooth transitions between presentations and discussions, enabling a dynamic flow of ideas.

MAXHUB offers robust and secure systems designed for convenience and reliability. Your discussions remain confidential, and your data is safeguarded within our secure framework. With flexible installation options and user-friendly interfaces, MAXHUB caters to your boardroom's specific needs, prioritising user-centric design for a seamless experience.

Elevate the productivity, collaboration, and innovation in your boardroom with MAXHUB's powerful and

comprehensive solutions. Experience a new level of efficient and productive meetings, setting a benchmark for modern business interactions.

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Education Reimagined

Ready for class...

  • Replacing your Computer, Speaker, Whiteboard, Projectors

  • Narrow Bezel in a thin body at up to around 89% screen-to-body ratio

  • A purposeful front bezel design that helps students concentrate on the screen

  • The reduced thickness of the air gap makes you feel like writing on paper.

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Make courseware anywhere

With Bytello Class, teachers can make courseware easily using preparation mode.


Bytello ClassCloud supports account logging in and files cloud saving.

Bytello Class is purposefully designed for teachers to engage students with compelling content.


Maxhub is a cutting-edge company that offers scalable solutions for interactive collaboration and unified communications in a variety of settings.

MAXHUB specializes in creating cutting-edge interaction technologies and smart applications for use in education, hospitality, conferencing, digital signage, and other similar settings.

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