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Introducing MAXHUB OS 6.5 - The Newest Operating System for Interactive Flat Panel (IFP)

interactive flat panel

Endless Options, Enhanced Features, One Unified Operating System

MAXHUB's exclusive OS systems, renowned for their sleek simplicity and user-friendliness across our extensive device range, are tailor-made to empower our groundbreaking Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) solution and related devices. With the advent of MAXHUB OS 6.5, our latest release is poised to transform your meetings with a host of exciting new features. Simplifying the collaborative meeting environment has never been easier.

Here's a comprehensive overview of this groundbreaking addition to the MAXHUB lineup and the expanded functionalities it introduces.

Simplified Meeting Access

Bid farewell to cumbersome preparations, logins, and pre-meeting jitters. Our unified portal seamlessly integrates all major conferencing applications, including Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and WebEx, streamlining the meeting entry process. Regardless of your location or preferred collaboration platform, the era of seamless teamwork has arrived.

Enhanced Toolbar for Unmatched Convenience

Experience unparalleled ease of access with our redesigned toolbar, placing essential tools at your fingertips. Enjoy seamless transitions, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Every tool you need is now consolidated for maximum efficiency.

Dynamic Video Screensavers

Introducing our latest feature: the 4K Video Screensaver. Go beyond static imagery and let your brand message shine with captivating, personalised video screensavers. Even during breaks, your company culture remains front and centre, leaving a lasting impression.

On-Demand Support

MAXHUB introduces a dedicated help centre to provide assistance whenever you need it. Delve into the capabilities of your devices and explore our extensive features with confidence. Access comprehensive instructional videos to unlock the full potential of your conferencing setup.

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