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When to tell that your Audio Visual System Needs an Upgrade

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The current state of your audio-visual system worked for a very long time. Despite the rare technology glitch, you were able to complete meetings since the essentials of functionality were taken care of. That simply won't do in the present, though, given the global epidemic and the quickening tech-centricity of the present business environment.

Here are a few indicators that you should consider custom audio-visual solutions and refresh your boardroom audio-visual hardware.

1. Your displays have glaring errors.

Does your digital signage periodically flicker or go completely dark? Or, is there a TV in your boardroom that loads pictures and videos agonisingly slowly? The time has come to address any problems that may have previously been ignored. Your boardroom audio-visual equipment needs to be dependable and of the highest calibre because you will undoubtedly conduct more meetings electronically. Your digital signage is crucial because this year has seen an increase in the need for customer communication on policy updates, visitor routing on-site, and other changes. It's time for an upgrade if you don't have faith that your signage will continue to be illuminated and function as intended.

2. Your audio is subpar.

Poor audio, in addition to visual issues, may destroy an otherwise fantastic virtual experience like nothing else. Again, sound quality during communication is essential as more meetings are held electronically and more workers work from home. You can retain relationships and effectiveness with it. Collaboration and productivity suffer without it. Don't settle if you discover that your audio-visual systems frequently have sound outages or erratic audio quality.

3. Your AV setup is jumbled.

To maximise the use of their audio-visual solutions, businesses must integrate their products. But businesses sometimes handle their AV systems separately, purchasing a replacement only when the first one fails or delaying the replacement of an alternative, outmoded product until it is beyond repair. We are aware of the financial ramifications of being more strategic and making significant, coordinated changes all at once; yet, this isn't always feasible. However, if you collaborate with a premier AV provider, you can stop conducting business in ad hoc, disjointed ways. A roadmap for what has to be updated when and how to install everything correctly so your systems communicate can be created with the aid of AV professionals. The result is effectively functioning AV systems that provide you the maximum returns on your investment.

It's time to think about custom audio-visual solutions if you notice that your audio-visual systems are failing you. Look no further if you're looking for digital signage and custom audio-visual solutions providers. Vision Enhancement has the knowledge and skills necessary to lead you into the audio-visual technologies of the future.

Since 1983 Vision Enhancement NZ Ltd has been a leader in the supply, installation, and support of Audio Visual equipment, technology, and systems. Our range of products and services includes:​

  • Free Consultation & Design

  • Projectors

  • Digital Screens - LED

  • Digital Signage

  • Screens & TV’s

  • Audio Equipment

  • Automation Control Systems

  • Projectors, Screens, and Soundsystem Hire

  • Equipment & System Installation

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Service contracts and support

  • Flexible Finance options

  • Video Conferencing

  • Meeting Room Technologies​​

Vision Enhancement's proven track record and reputation for reliability, affordability, and dependability will ensure you get the solution you are looking for.

You can feel confident that whatever you are looking for we are well-positioned to help you.

To learn more, contact Vision Enhancement today.

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