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Upgrading Wellington's Hutt recreation ground

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Recreation ground with grandstand

The 9,000-seat Hutt Recreation Ground in Wellington hosts football, cricket, and rugby union sports regularly and is well-liked and utilised by the local community. The company's antiquated PA system was no longer giving adequate coverage of the stands and fields, so management hired Wellington firm Vision Enhancement NZ Ltd to update it.

The goal was to offer high SPL and music-quality sound across many fields and the grandstand. FBT Shadow series speakers were chosen for their quality, SPL capability, and IP rating for satisfaction.

To offer coverage of the fields, four FBT Shadow 112HC 12" weatherproof coaxial speakers were put across the front of the stadium roof. They are loud enough, with a maximum output of 128dB SPL. Five more Shadow 108CTs were added to cover the stands.

FBT Shadow speakers include custom high-quality B&C drivers and are IP55 rated, with stainless steel hardware to withstand Wellington's harsh weather.

FBT AX Series power amplifiers and a Denon DN312X mixer power the system, making it a simple-to-use PA. The system is complemented with a Mipro ACT311B series receiver and a handheld radio mic with AT90Wa extension antennas.

The sound is clear and loud, and the consumer is satisfied with the outcome. Groundsman Kevin Wakefield says, "The improved sound system is great." "It sounds fantastic, and it well exceeds our expectations." It's easy to use, which is crucial for the wide range of people who use it regularly."

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