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New Virtual Backgrounds and Accessibility Feature by BlueJeans Events

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


The capabilities released today for BlueJeans Events have been developed to enhance the virtual broadcast and post-event experiences for participants, presenters, and moderators hosting virtual events.

Virtual Backgrounds

BlueJeans Meetings customers are used to using virtual backgrounds during meetings, but BlueJeans Events just launched additional virtual background capability that gives the event administrator greater freedom and enables them to deliver a highly-branded and uniform experience at any significant event.

Administrators can now activate or restrict a presenter's ability to use virtual backdrops or upload their own virtual backgrounds as well as pre-upload a collection of virtual backgrounds for presenters to use as their background during the event. This function can simultaneously meet a variety of event needs. A custom background can be a wonderful way to incorporate the event theme throughout the broadcast or promote a business or logo while the event is taking place. Offering a neutral virtual background provides for a more focused setting. Administrators can guarantee consistency for attendance and professionalism during every event broadcast by giving all speakers only a small number of background selections.

Presenters have the opportunity to choose their background before they arrive at the event in order to enable virtual backgrounds. Presenters have the opportunity to upload their own virtual background image or choose from one of the pre-uploaded background alternatives prior to joining. Background blur softens the presenter's surroundings on a sliding scale of intensity to help the camera focus on the presenter. Presenters can verify their camera perspective exactly as the attendees will see them once they are in the event by setting the background before the event. Prior to the event going live, presenters should take advantage of this chance to examine the video frame, appearance, and attire. Presenters have the opportunity to change their background at any time under their preferences.

Recorded Events with Closed Captioning

For attendees, BlueJeans Events has improved its accessibility features. The new closed captioning upgrade can show captions during a recording of an event, but users with accessibility needs had previously been able to activate automated closed captions at the bottom of their screens during an event. Moderators will have the option to enable closed captioning when recording an event, enabling attendees to understand the presentation's content without the need for audio both live and later watching the video. This increases accessibility and the number of people who can watch (and read) events on demand.

Vision Enhancement NZ Ltd is a reseller of BlueJeans in New Zealand. Dedicated to implementing high-quality video conferencing features, Vision Enhancement is sure to bring the best features for users to use, such as BlueJeans Events.

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