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Launch of a Wireless, Centralised Smart Lectern by MAXHUB

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


For centralised and wireless control of any meeting or presentation, MAXHUB's P22MB Smart Lectern is the ideal option.

If the typical meeting and presentation electronics weren't created in a creative fashion, this wouldn't be a MAXHUB podium. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, the MAXHUB P22MB eliminates a lot of the cords that are frequently used in meeting and presentation settings.

Presenters have complete control over their presenting setup, including the built-in lectern microphones, from the stage. This is made possible by the ground-breaking 21.5-inch interactive display on the podium. With this display, presenters, for instance, have total control over their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Without using a mouse, they can also annotate important details immediately on the screen. The pre-installed whiteboarding, collaboration, and wireless sharing features on the P22MB podium make it simple to integrate a laptop into a presentation.

Meeting planners and speakers will appreciate the P22MB's smart design. This podium's many features make it simple to position it in the optimum on-stage location thanks to its inbuilt wheels. The ability to electronically adjust the podium's surface to the optimum height will also be appreciated by presenters as it makes them more at ease in front of an audience and improves their capacity to interact with their notes and other meeting materials. The MAXHUB P22MB Smart Lectern will be offered this month.

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