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Internal communication guides for using digital signage

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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Many people believe that digital signages are exclusively used for commercial purposes in public settings because they are usually spotted in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, and restaurants. Digital signage, on the other hand, can be utilised to increase internal communication in a company or office.

What is internal communication?

Internal communication is critical for strengthening the relationship between employees and the firm. Internal communication is all about providing good communications within an organisation to develop a trusted connection.

Every organisation should make an effort to create the best possible employee experience, from message creation to keeping staff informed and engaged. Employees are more engaged and hence help to make larger contributions when they are connected to the company.

Traditional internal communication

Traditional internal communication is losing ground as the corporate ecosystem becomes more digital.

Traditional techniques of communication such as emails, notes, and noticeboards are used in old-fashioned communication. However, simply presenting information is never sufficient. The main reason for this inefficiency is that emails and noticeboards aren't appealing enough to keep employees' attention.

A memo put on a noticeboard, for example, can easily be misinterpreted. Even if an employee is ready to read the message, its length can lead to skimming, which can lead to misunderstanding. The unopened email is another example. Some employees don't check their inboxes too often.

Appealing digital signages

Digital signages can be used in a variety of ways to increase internal communication within a company. Displaying company news such as meeting schedules and company activities is one of the most typical uses.

The ability to draw attention with brilliant colours, eye-catching graphics, dynamic films, and unusual typography makes digital signage appealing. Because digital signage supports a wide range of digital media forms such as photos, videos, animations, and motion graphics, all of these are feasible.

Furthermore, digital signage display technologies are always evolving. Digital signages continue to produce excellent visual quality, ranging from LCD to LED display technologies. The size of video resolutions is increasing. The colour spectrum is becoming increasingly diverse and lively.

Employees will recall the content if the screen is appealing. As a result, they will act in accordance with the pronouncements. Digital signage has a very high recall rate.

Improve employee enthusiasm

Employees who are motivated can help a company succeed. Employee commitment can also be increased by showing encouraging words, goals, and achievements on digital signs. Use digital signs to emphasise the company's mission, vision, and goal. This can serve to excite and drive colleagues to work toward the same goals.

Another key aspect will be to acknowledge employees' accomplishments. Managers or business owners can express their gratitude by posting acknowledgment messages on digital signs. This could increase the team's morale.

Workplace entertainment

Business is serious, but it does not always imply that a tougher work ethic is the ideal approach. There are occasions when using humour to benefit the corporation might be beneficial.

To brighten up the working atmosphere, an organisation can employ digital signage to broadcast amusing films or photos. Workplace stress might cause people to isolate themselves from their coworkers or team members. Internal communication can be disastrous if there are no dialogues within an organisation.

Barrier of social media

A social wall is nothing more than digital signage that displays real-time social media feeds from networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Appreciation can be expressed by displaying social media feeds. After putting in long hours, employees demand something in return.

Customer feedback is the most immediate indicator of whether your efforts are paying off. Some satisfied customers will post on social media about their positive experiences with services or items.

Employee engagement and communication can be improved by showing these live feeds on digital signs in the workplace. Employees will be delighted to discuss their accomplishments among themselves.

Digital signage's advantages as a communication tool

A large corporation may have offices and branches throughout the country. Digital signage can assist an organisation maintain consistency in communication across various offices. The administrator can quickly publish and push content to all other digital signages in different locations from a centralised site.

Another advantage of digital signage in the workplace is that it is faster to publish content than the traditional method of posting a note. It can help you save time and money on printing.

It's never easy to maintain effective internal communication. Employees that are engaged and motivated are an organization's most valuable asset. Allow yourself the option to set up a digital signage network in your organisation if you are having trouble developing a strong link between employees and the organisation.

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