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Choosing the Best Audiovisual Company for Your Event

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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It's crucial to not undervalue the total influence of audiovisual (AV) services at an event. After all, the senses of sight and sound frequently sell the event and make it come to life. Without audiovisual aids, a presentation about a timeshare in the Caribbean may be as simple as someone reading cue cards into a microphone. But the scenario can become much more dynamic and useful with AV. To create the illusion of being somewhere else, audiences can be shown with full-scale visuals of expansive locations and exposed to sounds reminiscent of the rolling ocean. You may add a little more to your next event by using these effects, especially if it's a party, conference, or product launch.

Here are some guidelines for picking an AudioVisual Company for your event:

1. Affordable Prices for a High-Quality Service

The effect on your pocket will unavoidably be a significant consideration in addition to quality. Although there are expenditures associated with quality, they shouldn't be so high as to cast doubt on the project as a whole. A professional AV provider will collaborate with you to design an experience that accommodates both your idealised vision and your available budget.

2. Technical Support

Technical support can range from basic equipment upkeep to installation and event demands fulfillment. The company's willingness to include you in the planning phase is a positive indication of AV technical services. They may also storyboard the entire event for exceptionally complex occurrences, much like a director might when presenting a scene. Even before your event is set up, some of the more forward-thinking AV companies will show you a computer simulation or 3D rendering of how it will look. In particular, when it comes to identifying workable solutions for particularly creative effects, good technical assistance is about turning ideas into action. The quality and usability of the equipment you rent will also be covered by technical assistance since certain AV businesses offer equipment rental. The installation of your rental equipment and verifying that it performs as promised should be the absolute minimum of the technical services offered.

3. AV Resources

The equipment you employ will have a direct impact on the quality of your audio and pictures. Always make an effort to evaluate the AV technology a possible company uses. Pay close attention to how well it is maintained and whether it can deliver the results you require. This is crucial if your event asks for high-intensity music or cinematic-quality sound effects because even minute differences in performance can have a significant impact. The potential company should also be aware of current market trends and have access to at least some of the newest technology so that you have the complete range of possibilities at your disposal.

4. Are they good team players?

During the event planning phase, your AV firm will have to collaborate with a lot of people. In order to arrange everything from available outlets and stage dimensions to which songs be played when a speaker arrives on stage, these persons can include planners, speakers, sponsors, subcontractors (if any), and management of the venue. As a result, how successfully everyone collaborates during the event will depend on how well your AV candidate can communicate clearly, explain as needed, and accommodate the various demands of participants.

5. Verify Reviews and Recommendations

References and testimonials are helpful resources for assessing a potential AV firm, but they also have the drawback of being offered by the business. Checking out a potential AV firm's web reputation is helpful if you want a second opinion on it. You can immediately evaluate customer reviews on websites like Google and Yelp. Consider both positive and negative feedback when reading reviews. Pay attention to the publication dates of these reviews as well as any possible reactions from the business. Do they accept criticism well and have a desire to improve, or are they more averse to it? This can help you get a sense of the company's thinking when you're working with them.

6. Giving support in both electronic and non-electrical forms

It's critical that your audiovisual provider can instantly offer on-site support during the event. Project managers and technicians should be present during setup, practise sessions, and especially the actual event. By doing this, the AV firm is able to offer quick fixes for any issues that arise or modifications that need to be made to the arrangement.

7. You Need a Skilled AV Company

Particularly in the domains of event management and AV, new businesses constantly come and go. When you choose AV professionals from a firm with a proven track record and body of work, you can have confidence that they will be able to satisfy your needs consistently and expertly. Feel free to ask the potential employer about more projects it has completed in order to confirm past experiences. Request a list of recent clients and perhaps some references, and always check the references that are provided.

8. Look for a creative audiovisual provider

While price and dependability are both significant characteristics, inventiveness is one of the most underrated. Your AV provider should be able to harness new technology to create experiences that are genuinely magical and unforgettable. This entails having the ability to deploy cutting-edge technologies like digital cinema installations and projection mapping to produce an unmatched and distinctive picture and sound experiences on flat or even 3D surfaces. Your ideal business will be able to take advantage of the hundreds of fresh ideas that might be inspired by each new advancement in AV technology.

Vision Enhancement has all of the above qualities.

Since 1983 Vision Enhancement NZ Ltd has been a leader in the supply, installation, and support of Audio Visual equipment, technology, and systems. Its range of products and services include:

  • ​Free Consultation & Design

  • Projectors

  • Digital Screens - LED

  • Digital Signage

  • Screens & TV’s

  • Audio Equipment

  • Automation Control Systems

  • Projectors, Screens, and Soundsystem Hire

  • Equipment & System Installation

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Service contracts and support

  • Flexible Finance options

  • Video Conferencing

  • Meeting Room Technologies

Its proven track record and reputation for reliability, affordability, and dependability will ensure you get the solution you are looking for.

Discover Vision Enhancement today!

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