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How to Visually Collaborate Online using BlueJeans Collab Board

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Bluejeans Collab Board

Think about running a manufacturing company and needing to see how a vendor's equipment fits into your current operation. This approach could be difficult or unsuccessful if the vendor doesn't come to the shop floor. However, thanks to virtual collaboration solutions, businesses of all sizes and sectors can now get rid of these obstacles to leadership, communication, and sales from anywhere.

One such solution that enables teams to digitally work in real time using an always-available online whiteboard is BlueJeans Collab Board. Collab Board breaks down silos and links you with individuals who are most crucial to your business, whether you want to provide remote teams the capacity to develop ideas or transfer expertise, or whether you need to organize a campaign with a customer on another continent.

Collab Board enables visual collaboration with others on an unlimited canvas by using screenshots, photos, shapes, post-its, and drawing tools to depict concepts, workflows, processes, timelines, hierarchies, priorities, and plans.

Here are a few actions to take to get a feel of how BlueJeans Collab Board might be used for online collaboration:

1. Join a BlueJeans Meeting. You may build a new Collab Board or share an existing one once you have logged into a BlueJeans Meeting. Simply click "Apps" and then "Start" on the Collab Board tile by hovering your mouse pointer or tapping your finger in the meeting window's top right corner. Next, pick a board from the list or click "New Board" to start a brand-new board specifically for this meeting.

2. Begin working together. Participants will be able to view and engage with a board that you build or share during the meeting. You may access "Settings" in the meeting app if you don't want to allow collaboration straight away.

You will see each person's name attached to a pointer that shows where they are working when they start to utilize the digital whiteboard. Encourage participants to utilize all available tools to produce and modify their contributions, including the addition of screenshots, pictures, and videos to the board in order to enhance clarity and depth. The board can accommodate 25 users working simultaneously.

3. Keep working offline. Anyone you've invited to the Collab Board will be able to continue working offline on any device once your meeting is done. There is no need to worry about losing work or progress because contributions to the board are automatically stored in the BlueJeans cloud.

4. Spread the word. When ready, you may quickly share information or communicate with a broader audience by using Collab Boards, which can be shared with up to 1,000 individuals. To demonstrate progress or encourage further cooperation, bring it to your next online meeting. Everyone may easily visualize the crucial elements with the aid of a fluid, adaptable, and online whiteboard.

Free Access to the BlueJeans Collaborative Board

You may start utilizing Collab Board at any moment by following the instructions above if you already have a BlueJeans Meetings subscription. Alternatively, you can test out Collab Board right away with a BlueJeans Meetings free trial.

If you need to know more about BlueJeans Collaborative Board, reach out to Vision Enhancement.

Vision Enhancement is an official reseller of BlueJeans in New Zealand.

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