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Blur the Lines Comvita Wellness Lab

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


Comvita is on a mission to create a world where bees can thrive so they can help to heal the planet for future generations.

They wanted to create an environment that brought people closer to nature and told the unique story of Comvita in a way that had never been done before.

We immersed ourselves in all things bees, nature and honey and developed an idea to create an experience that awakened the senses to connect people physically and emotionally to the power of the hive.

Comvita Wellness Lab pays homage to the incredible nature of bees and is designed to showcase their expertise in understanding natures intelligence through science.

Our approach to materials was inspired by nature and we worked with the best local artisans to ensure an authentic connection to Comvita’s environmental beliefs.

We wanted a sense of intrigue from the front of the store, offering glimpses through to a spa like environment, a place for tranquillity and escape.

Honey is an expression of place, just like wine, and we communicated this by using render on the exterior to represent natural soil layers.

Comvita is passionate about forest regeneration so it was important to use a native New Zealand Kauri timber from a sustainable source as our centrepiece.

The welcome table is not a counter but a space for hosting, tasting and gift wrapping with a ceremonial basin for washing.

Brass is a key material used throughout the environment which has been antiqued like the colour shift in honey.

We wanted to capture the aroma of a beehive and create a ceremony around scent in the space.

We worked with experts to create our own scents and designed smell vessels to showcase them inspired by vintage perfume bottles.

We didn’t want a traditional store full of product on shelves, instead we entice exploration by showcasing the raw ingredients of the hive alongside real honey in lab vessels.

Perhaps the most unique element of the lab is the boutique 180 degree theatre which hosts a 30 minute sensploration honey tasting.

The space was designed to emulate the purity of the product with all white textures and features custom designed chairs to enhance the experience.

We worked with a leading gastrophysicist to interpret tasting notes into audio visual cues that would heighten the neurological connection for the audience.

The accompanying soundscape was composed from recordings of bees in nature and envelopes the senses in an orchestral way.

The lab extends beyond four walls with an Augmented Reality mapped forest that transforms the physical space and connects customers to more information about the power of bees.

We also created a 3D virtual wellness lab to access online with a forest to explore and 3D modelled products to browse and shop online.

We aim to create a global community of bee lovers by sharing this experience with the world.

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