Sanyo Z4

The state of the art in home theatre projections took another leap forward this year with the announcement from Sanyo of it's long awaited PLV-Z4.

In what has been a constant search for a dynamic and realistic picture for the home theatre - one which is on a par with the movie-theatre experience - Sanyo has come closest as they introduce the Z4 with it's new dual iris light engine. The Z4, producing images with up to an incredible 7000:1 contrast, and 1000 lumens of brightness, and when coupled with Sanyo's TOPAZ real technology, delivers accurate colour, superb blacks and uniform brightness which has reasserted Sanyo as the leader in home theatre projection technology.

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"In short, before we even get to discussion of the image quality, we must point out that we've never seen a projector anywhere near this price range (or any price range for that matter) that is so loaded with features."

"Moreover, the challenge is not just on relative price/performance, but on absolute performance. For the PLV-Z4 could be placed side-by-side with the most expensive high-end single-chip DLP projectors that are six times its price and hold its own in head-to-head performance. We dare suggest that in a shoot-out between the Z4 and any of the high-end DLP products wherein the models were not revealed to the audience in advance, the PLV-Z4 might actually be favored by some consumers for its exceptional contrast, deep color saturation, and image sharpness."

Projector Sanyo plv-z4

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"Great projector hire for the bucks! Sanyo has done a great job with the Z4, starting with a zoom lens with more placement range, and lots of lens shift. But what earns the Sanyo Z4 home theater projector its hot product award, is image quality. A very sharp image, excellent contrast for a projector in its class, and a projector hire with plenty of setup flexibility to deal with various ambient light conditions (within reason)."

"From our testing so far, we have no problem stating the Z4 is the best 720P LCD projector available in this price range."


PLEASE BEWARE - Products that are imported by unauthorised dealers  and individuals  selling on some sites ARE NOT covered in the warranty below. This may mean A SIGNIFICANT COST TO YOU with associated repairs and servicing.

As New Zealand's only authorised Sanyo Z4 dealer we offer Sanyo Oceania's full 2 year warranty on parts and labour and 90 days warranty on the lamp.

In addition to this we also offer:

  • Nationwide Support
  • Contactable 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Replacement machine if yours requires servicing


  • Native Wide Aspect Ratio
  • Video (1280*720)
  • 1000 ANSI lumens
  • 5kg (11.0lbs.)
  • 2000 hour lamp life (typical)
  • 7000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • HDMI digital input
  • High Definition Ready
  • Short throw x2 zoom lens
  • Illuminated remote control
  • Powered variable iris
  • Powered lens shutter