Plasma and LCD Screens

View the latest range of Panasonic Plasma and LCD displays.  All displays are available for sale or hire.

Plasma and LCD Displays

Plasma Display UX1 Series

4K2K -  Plasma Display

UX1 Series

  • World's Largest Plasma Display delivering breathtaking power and realism.
  • Precise Detail with an Ultra-high Resolution 4K2K Panel.
  • Full HD 3D Ready.

The 4K2K has a massive 152-inch screen equivalent to nine 50-inch screens.  This huge display immerses the viewer in lifelike actual size images for a one of a kind viewing experience.  The 152-inch plasma panel produces approximately 4 times the amount of information of a full-HD panel.

Plasma Display VX200 Series

FULL HD 3D -  Plasma Displays

VX200 Series

  • Clear 3D Images from Ultra-high Speed Drive Technology
  • High Picture Quality with a Professional-Quality Engine
  • Faithful Colours and Textures from a Wide Colour Gamut

The Full HD 3D plasma displays produce high 2D and 3D image quality.  New fast-switching phosphors reduce conventional afterglow time by 2/3, and ultra-high speed drive technology with high-precision Motion Vector Prediction function minimises double images even on large screens to produce clear, detailed 3D content.  A professional-quality engine renders faithful colours.

These screens also provide professional-level flexibility.  The wide colour gamut of this panel responds to the colour needs of everything from HDTV to digital cinema.  A wide range of fixed video input terminal combined with a function slot for optional terminal boards provides a new level of flexibility that greatly expands display applications.

plasma displays PF12 PF30 Series


FULL HD -  Plasma Displays

PF12 Series and  PF30 Series

  • High Luminous Efficiency for Crisp, High-Contrast Images
  • Function Slot (SLOT2.0) Expands Applications (PF30 Series)
  • Durable Front Glass and a Service Life of Approx. 100,000 Hours

The PF30 series uses a new 3D compatible plasma panel with fast-switching phosphors to reduce afterglow to 1/3 the conventional time.  High motion-image resolution produces crisp, clear, fast-moving scenes for both 2D and 3D images without afterimages.  Optional Dual HD-SDI and Dual DVI boards also enable simultaneous left/right 3D input to further expand display applications.

An innovative LAN function gives you extended control of the display, while NANODRIFT SAVER and a host of other functions support various business uses.  A combination of video input terminals including HDMI, DVI-D, Component, and PC terminals joined with the function slot provide unmatched flexibility.  Optional terminal boards can be mounted supporting a wide range of interfaces including HD-SDI and Dual Link HD-SDI.

Plasma Display PH30 Series

High Definition - Plasma Displays

PH30 Series

  • Energy-Saving Design Greatly Reduces Power Consumption
  • Durable Front Glass and a Service Life of Approx. 100,000 Hours
  • High Contrast Ratio of 2,000,000:1

The higher luminous efficiency of the plasma panel lowers the rated power consumption approximately 35% compared to the previous Panasonic PH20 Series.  The plasma panel also lowers power consumption during dark scenes to achieve an average power consumption of approximately 150 W during operation.

A native contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 gives you tight, rich blacks along with breathtaking detail and beauty over a wide viewing angle.  High moving-picture resolution ensures crisp motion images.

LCD Displays

LCD LF25 Series

Full HD Professional LCD Displays

LF25 Series

  • Full-HD Panel with 500-CD/m2 Brightness
  • Wide Range of Input Terminals
  • Stylish and Slim Energy-Saving Design

This professional LCD panel is designed to support a variety of professional applications.  In addition to the wide viewing angle of the IPS panel, the LF25 Series features 500-CD/m2 brightness making it possible to display crisp, clear images even in bright places.

The LF25 series features a stylish and energy-saving design.  Back-light power consumption is reduced by the ECO mode which detects the ambient light level and controls the brightness of the back-light accordingly.  The fan-less design also provides dust-proof performance and reduces noise.  The bezel is only 18.3 mm wide giving greater visibility to the images on display and further enhancing the stylish design.

LCD LF30 Series

Full HD Professional LCD Displays

LF30 Series

  • Full-HD Panel with 700-CD/m2 Brightness
  • Wide Range of Input Terminals and SLOT2.0 Compatibility
  • Stylish and Slim Energy-Saving Design

This professional LCD panel strongly resists afterimages to provide the durability that is essential for signage use.  In addition to the wide viewing angle of the IPS panel, the LF30 series features 700-CD/m2 brightness making it possible to display crisp, clear images even in bright places.

The SLOT2.0 function slot on the LF30 Series greatly expands the displays range of applications.  It lets you mount an optional function board to suit your application.  it also features a variety input terminals, including DVI-D In/Out and RS-232C In/Out, for connection of up to 100 displays in a daisy chain configuration for greater operating efficiency.

LCD LFP30 Series

Weatherproof LCD Displays

LFP30 Series

  • IP66-Compliant Dust proof and Water Resistant Performance
  • Trans-reflective LCD Panel - High Visibility in Bright Places
  • Robust Operation Even Under Adverse Conditions

The LFP30 Series complies with the IP66 standard for weather resistance.  This means they are protected against strong jets of water, and dust penetration.  Winter mode ensures that monitors can be used in temperatures as low as -20'C.  An aluminium cabinet and tempered glass ass to their rugged durability.

A trans-reflective LCD panel to produce bright, clear images even in the brightest conditions.  These displays are more eco-friendly as they consume less power than those that simply raise the intensity of the back-light to achieve an adequate brightness.

LCD LFT Series

Outdoor LCD Display

LFT30 Series

  • 1,500-CD/m2 Brightness - High Visibility in Bright Places
  • Forced Air Cooling System - Usable Under Direct Sunlight
  • Touch Panel Function for Interactive Signage Use

A trans-reflective LCD panel uses the indirect light to produce bright, clear images even in the brightest conditions.  A forced-air cooling system using outside air allows the panel to withstand internal temperature rises caused by direct sunlight.

The electrostatic capacitive touch panel allows stable operation even under direct sunlight.