Home Theatre

Home theatre set upExcellent! You have at least made the decision that its time to start thinking about replacing your old 25" TV and tape / video player. A new, exciting visual and audio experience is only just around the corner!

So where to from here?

Choosing a new home theatre system can be a little confusing.

  • Plasma, LED or LCD?
  • Should it be wall-mounted or sit on a stand?
  • What about a Projector?
  • Will it suit the size of your room?
  • Do you need Hi-Fi components or an all-in- one system?
  • Where should you place the speakers?
  • What's the best type of arrangement for your home?

Confused yet?!

Fortunately there is help out there to make your decision/s a little easier. By working together and discussing exactly what you are wanting to achieve, we can ensure you obtain the best solution to your individual needs right from the individual components through to final installation.